So i scored a tickford xr8 supercab awhile back and i was out for a decent...

So i scored a tickford xr8 supercab awhile back and i was out for a decent drive the other day as my trip to work is only 10 mins down the road but i got 3 beeps (the same as when you have low fuel) and it spat all of my coolant out, somewhere from underneath the radiator, was only 100 mtrs from home so i limped it round the corner and now its very slowly loosing coolant and heating up more than what it should be, is there anything besides my head gasket that i should be looking at? I dont want to pull it apart unless I absolutely have to

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Can i ask a question Im sorry its not specifically Ford related but I do have...

Can i ask a question ? Im sorry its not specifically Ford related but I do have an SR. Im in Cairns and about to Do a return drive to Sydney and back ( HELL !! ) in around 4 weeks time But im going down to pick up the very last of stuff thats in storage. Now i was suggested to remove the back seat and then put it back when i return. Which would give me tons more space however is that legal ? Im just wondering if temporarily removing a seat would make it unroad worthy if i got pulled over or if it would be fine ? It would be the better option since im doing aprox a 5000 km trip as quickly down and back as i can. Would anyone know ?

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    In the next week or so I ll be selling an AUIII Fairmont in Liquid silver with...

    In the next week or so I'll be selling an AUIII Fairmont in Liquid silver with 230k kms. The car was optioned from factory with Momo wheel and sunroof and has the Tickford plate to prove it. It has premium sound and everything in the car works as it should. It will come with two genuine keys and two remotes and will be given a service and fresh coolant prior to sale. Car is not registered and will not have RWC. I will be after $1500 for it and it's located near sunbury vic. Just seeking EOI at this stage and getting the word out. Let me know what you think.

    Pic for attention

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    Photos from Craig Reid's post

    Ok firstly i got new rotors and brakes for the AU .

    Secondly i urge you to try this combination when polishing the AU

    Take Meguires Ultimate Quick Wax and a Buffer set at 3000 rpm spray a light amount on paint work and then buff it and watch how it burnishes the paint work and makes it come up like water coat Note: On white cars looks fantastic but Dark color cars try a small test patch first and dont leave buffer in one spot for to long.

    i have some pics to see but as car is white a little hard but anyways hope you try it and love it .

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    Ok guys so i have a question regarding the one wire that comes from each seat...

    Ok guys so i have a question regarding the one wire that comes from each seat to a plate under the carpet. Ok so most of u who have seen pics of my car know i have changed the entire interior to fairmont ghia stuff. Niw the old front seats had this wire however the new leather seats did not. So ive had the flashing airbag light on ever since. Ive just done a forscan test and it came back with the exact thing ive just mentioned so my question is. Can i get around it if the wire i need is missing from the seats?

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    Photos from Robert Cooper's post

    i have a 347 project crate motor i got a few years ago with brand new parts

    The engine was running on the dyno until it lost compression in a cylinder, was told number 7 cylinder lost compression while the idle tune was being done and stripped down by the work shop for assessment, they said that their was a piston issue and the parts where boxed up .

    Just never got around to rebuilding the motor and has been boxed up ever since.

    Including the following parts

    ford windsor 5.0L 347 stroker block (block has been notched for stroker crank clearance)

    procomp crank (cast steel 347 stroker) $400

    procomp rods (H beam forged 5.4in)

    procomp timing gear (strait cut gear drive )

    procomp harmonic balancer (fluid dampend)additional spacer to run serpentine belt for eb up

    procomp alloy heads (alloy 2.02in intake vavle,1.68in exhaust vavle,205cc intake,valve assemble,)

    original head stud kit

    custom cam (for high lift unknown specks was for high rpm)

    procomp lifters (hydraulic rolor)

    procomp push rods (hardened push rods 5/16) standed

    procomp rollor rockers (billet alloy) shaft rocker with cradle (set of 7 missing 2 rockers)

    procomp flywheel (billet steel)larger than stock 5l

    ford flywheel (machined to suit 347)

    will also include a engine stand and carby style timing cover with the mounting point for the fuel pump

    located in manunda

    after $1700ono the lot

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