Atlast iv found a car. Not an estate. but a start

Atlast iv found a car! Not an estate.... but a start.

Coming home tomorrow with boxes full off extras

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  • good on ya mate hope to see it around!

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  • coolcolour...

  • nice 1 (y)

  • is it ready to go?or you doing it up for the road?

  • its had lots off work done, was used by a chap as his winter car believe it or not. he had a motorbike for the summer. theres a whole list off things hes had done within the last year

  • just needs an mot, which im hoping i can get it in for and on the road next week! we shall see.... it looks tidy... iv bought it... havent actually seen the car! so time will tell when it gets delivered tomorrow

  • good stuff !

  • Rossi red my favourite

  • Had a right result... car is pretty solid... some bodywork needed but good for an mot. Also got 2 extra sets off wheels, rear spoiler, sunroof visor, spare cill, grill with the spots in plus 5 boxes worth off stuff!! Chap had been collecting bits and bobs for the 11yrs he owned it. Heres a photo off my old man looking pleased with our first classic..

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