and the interior has arrived. Final shipment from the UK

....and the interior has arrived! Final shipment from the UK.

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  • Yep Sachin, aldridge

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  • From what I've seen and heard from a good source, this will be very special!

  • How much it you pay for that, with shipping cost also

  • Do they have Mk1 spares and from who did you ordered

  • Good stuff

  • Haha suresh. It's a rather special build indeed, however I'm keeping the particulars quiet for now

  • Carlo approx R21k excluding customs

  • Very nice going too be a looker bud

  • Fuck me that's a lot of money, but it's well spent

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  • Hopefully it will all come together bishard. Buying the stuff is the easy the car that final concourse fitment tho is another story in s.a