Your first car. 1980 Camaro

Your first car: 1980 Camaro

Last car you sold: 1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco II

Last car you bought: 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Favorite car you ever owned: 2010 Mustang Vert

Longest you've ever owned a car: 13 years

The car you wish you never sold: 90 BII

Most fun car you've owned: 10 Mustang Vert

Worst car you've owned: 92 Corsica

Favorite manufacturer: Ford & Subaru

Least favourite manufacturer: anything Not Ford or subaru. Lol

Favorite car in the world: Ford GT or Audi R8

The car you hate most in the world:

The last thing you purchased for a car?: K&N filter

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So I wanted to share........this is the Cougar that my father had in a garage on his rental property (came with the home) that he purchased some 20 years ago. My husband and son along with my father tore the garage down that was falling in on this car back in September. So about two weeks ago my father decided to "gift" this gem to our son. This car was last inspected in 1977 and was left abandoned. With a little gasoline and some tinkering the beauty started up and ran....

I am excited for my son and cannot wait to see the final result someday.......

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    Stephanie Magrich shared Peter Menga's event to the group: All Ford Rides.

    If you are in the area, consider joining

    Come join Major League Mustangs as we partner with Mustang Mafia and the Orlando Predators to support #ORLANDOUNITED. We are going to have an exciting evening starting off with an escorted cruise to the Amway Center. The first 49 MUSTANGS to register will be given the name of a victim of the Pulse shooting that their car will be honoring. Our cars will be parked on beautiful Church Street right out side of the Amway Center and wraping around the building. However once we are parked we will not be able to leave until 30 minutes after the game has finished. after our arrival we will go inside to watch our very own Orlando Predators take on the Tampa Bay Storm. There is sure to be some excitment, so be sure to keep an eye out for some special things durring half time! After the game we will be allowed to enter the field as a group and take some special pictures.

    Registration is going to be $30 per car and will include two tickets to the game on the 24th as well parking on Church Street. A Portion of the proceeds will be donated to the fund set up by United Orlando to benefit the victims of this weeks trajedy.

    For Registration please email please put the subject as MLM 24th event. Please also include your contact information as well as the year and color of your mustang. Joshua will reply with the directions for completing your registration including how you can make your $30 contribution. For any questions you can reach him at 407-355-1501

    For sponsorship of a victim please message Adam Garcia or myself as that is separate from the registration and they are on a first come first served basis to the first 49 cars confirmed. Thank you all!

    ***This event is being limited to Mustangs only at this time.***

    If you do not own a mustang please come out and buy tickets to the game! A portion of all ticket sales are being donated as well!

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      Photos from Glen Magrich's post

      For those who don't know me but get a bit sideways with my pro chevy comments. I will take a moment to explain. This beautiful green pony is my wife's pride and joy that I also enjoy. I pour a lot of tears, sweat and time into keeping this car, a daily driver with 50k miles looking great daily. But I also own a Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck. So, depending on manufacturer, im across the dark side. I post Chevy memes in here in humor only, as I drive, maintain and enjoy my truck. Please don't judge me negatively as my first love in sharing my wifes dreams with this splendid Mustang. I throw chevy comments in here out of jest, not to directly attack any one person or group.

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        I am on my third starter in my 92 5 0 Convertible since November Each one has...

        I am on my third starter in my 92 5.0 Convertible since November. Each one has seemed to fail in the same way. They stopped engaging the flywheel. The first starter did present itself as a bad starter in that it had play in the bendix shaft going into the endcap bushing and the bendix gear did show some damage. The second starter only started my Convertible twice, then it failed in the same way, no flywheel engagement. Now the third started after starting my Convertible exactly 8 times has too failed in the same fashion. I need some help.

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          Just a reminder to everyone who loves them Fords May 21st there will be a True...

          Just a reminder to everyone who loves them Fords.May 21st,there will be a True Blue Oval Gang get together in Bainbridge,In 56105.It will be located on the west end of town. We are located on US Highway 36.Its a meet and greet only!! I will have 20 dash plaques for the first 20 that show up first.I will have 3 categories,and best vehicle as determined by the members!! I will be charging $5 a car this yr and all profits will benefit the Bainbridge Fire Department.

          Our meet will be nothing but Fords and members and friends of members only.Last year was a small event,but it did get some Ford people to stop and chat,as a Ford only show is a rare thing.SOOOO Illinois,Ohio,Michigan,Kentucky,And ALL states are welcome to attend!! Theres plenty of parking,and should be a lot of fun.There will be food from Dan Ritenour. His brother paul,has hand picked his brother to help feed us. I don't know what his menu or prices will be,so I'm hoping he is actually on board with this.If not Balony for all!!!! lol

          May 21st 2016!!! Get them calenders marked and transportation issues taken care of now.You have 3 months to be ready to attend.

          Admins,please delete this if its not ok to post this here. Thanks!!

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            The night at the NHRA Museum in Pomona when Mr. Morrison unveiled the 404 Jr

            The night at the NHRA Museum in Pomona when Mr. Morrison unveiled the 404 Jr., back to the exact way my father had it. It was very exciting night not only for my family especially my father but also the previous owners of the 404 Jr. I can member my dad’s words when they slipped off a velvet cover and as if it were yesterday. The 404 Jr. glisten like a perfect diamond, a course there were tears in my dad’s eyes he said he couldn’t believe and that his hot rod looked better now, than when he had it in 1955. Again I would like to thank all the owners of the 404 Jr. who made a dream come true for my dad.

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              Photos from Adam Cerv's post

              Okay, the first 2 pictures are my parents' first '70 Mach 1 that started this project. It was a Dark Ivy Green Metallic, green interior, 351W, 2V, shaker, black stripe, 4 spd, dealer installed A/C, & no other options. They traded it off in 1973 for $1,500 for a family car to haul me around. In 2008 I talked them into buying another '70 similar to their first Mach 1. This '70 is also Dark Ivy Green Metallic, but has these options: black interior, 351C, 4V, shaker, white stripe, FMX auto trans, tach dash, A/C, PS, power disc brake, Convenience Group, tinted windows. It was a shell, the previous owner tore it down and gave up. There were boxes of old & new parts and supposedly everything was there... Tip, don't buy a car in pieces to restore to original. A very time consuming and expensive process of tracking down parts that aren't reproduced ensued. We made a 3 day, 2,500 mile round trip tosouthern Alabama to get it. My cousin, in the 2nd pic, & I restored it over several years 2008-2014. It won a gold award at the MCA's 50th Anniversary Show in the Occasionally Driven Concours Class in Lincoln, NE in 2014.

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                Photos from Don Donovan's post

                For sale .... 1956 ford f100 I've been slowly doing a frame off restoration/modifications it is set of with a 2004 crown victoria police interceptor front suspension and a 2007 police interceptor 4.6l that only has 34, 000 miles on it still needs a lot of body work and the frame needs the transmision cross member done and a rear end installed and it would be a complete rolling casis I bought the truck for $500 the motor $800 the front end for $400 and spent $2500 on the framework I would like to recoup as much money as possible but I know it still needs a lot of work for people to see the real beauty in this wonderful truck like I did when I saw it in the feild I rescued it from

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                  I posted yesterday that I let my daughter drive my mustang I have always let...

                  I posted yesterday that I let my daughter drive my mustang.I have always let my girls drive our vehicles.we raised them to respect the time and hard work that goes into them.I just want to say to each their own.Also when I was 14 a guy in our neighborhood had a 65 Mustang,he handed me the keys and said take it for a ride.He knew how much I loved muscle cars and respected dad had many hot rods he never let me drive.I guess cause I was a girl,idk.What I'm saying is, this was all it took to get me hooked.someone took a chance on me.that is one of my best memories!!! And that's what it is all about passing it on :-)

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                    www. MuncleMikes. com


                    Hey guys, I built a site for gear heads. I tried to make it as simple as possible but still have all the goodies we all like and use. It's a search engine just like Google and Bing. It shows hot rod eBay ads PLUS you can list your own rides in our classifieds system! I'm trying really hard to get everything right so it's enjoyable and folks RETURN to use the site.

                    There's an AWESOME forum for everyone to use and post Q&A's!

                    If you would please bookmark it make it your favorite search page and your start up page... PLEASE!

                    Thanks to sponsor ads everything 100% FREE!!! Come play for a while. If there's anything I can do to help you or if you think of anything that needs added please let me know. Thank you so much for supporting your local hot rod shops!


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                      I have a friend who had bought second hand a Manta Ray hood The hood was never...

                      I have a friend, who had bought, second hand, a Manta Ray hood. The hood was never used as it came to the originial owner damaged. The damaged hood was replaced, but the manufactorer didn't want the damaged one back. So it was sold to my friend. He had just found out that it was made in china and there's no way to find out what type of resin was used to make the hood. Soo, besides, having an expensive wall decoration, Is there a way to make the repairs and repaint it, and does any one know a good body shop in central Florida that could take on this challenge. My suggestion was to simply buy a brand new one, and hope that it's not busted up during delivery. Considering the potential cost involved in repairing current one

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