Can you use a hilift jack on a stock front bumper Or should I just use the... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

Can you use a hilift jack on a stock front bumper? Or should I just use the front hitch? More a curiousity than need to atm, but I have a messed up U joint on the front axle and was thinking about using that jack just for a little more familiarity before I get in a spot where I am using it off on a trail somewhere.

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    I got a project Bronco here, rare BIG Bronco; June 1978; with round headlights; the grill has not been cracked or messed up. It has the original 1/4" thick steel bumpers on it, engine is the 400M V8 150K on it but seller thought it was rebuilt by PO, has true dual exhausts(newer), headers, I have a Edelbrock 4 barrel performer intake and a 600 4 barrel carb for it also. Runs awesome. C6 auto tranny, NP205 T-case, Dana 44 front, 9 inch rear, 3.54 gears, locker in rear.

    Hardtop, good rear bench seat, front seats are rough, needs brake lines, starts easily, new battery, drives(tons of power!), shifts good, doors and front fenders are toast, I have really good, almost rust free doors complete with everything on them and 2 great front fenders to replace. Floors are bad where they meet the rockers and in rear of the bed, tailgate is OKAY, but needs repair. Window motor did work, wiring is pretty shoddy going to it, so now it's not working.

    Frame is in great shape. Dash has not been buggered with, rear interior panels are good.

    I have some 6" lift springs for the front, I was going to just do a shackle flip in the back and get shocks for the lift.

    Comes on half tread 30" tires on factory wagon wheels, nothing great.

    $1000 no trades, Marlborough, CT


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      Photos from Stewart Gillette's post — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

      for sale 3500 ,1 owner got the original title from ford 79 bronco halfway restored frame an body been sandblasted an painted all new shocks brake lines bushings,9 1/2 inch lift 3 inch body 44inch tsls 400 motor carb,headers ,intake only rust is on doors different hood comes with interior is gutted was getting it ready for paint

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        Got some bronco f150 pieces if anybody is interested Front and rear sway bars... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

        Got some bronco/f150 pieces if anybody is interested. Front and rear sway bars with all the parts, pieces and hardware. Also looking to sell a set of 4 black rock crushers.....15x10 5 on 5.5. Or trade for a set of original 96ish Ford aluminum wheels.....or the like as long as they are 15x7 or 15x8.

        No idea on price.....if interested, shoot me a pm.

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          I have a rear window question I looked at the 80 and newer Broncos and they... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

          I have a rear window question. I looked at the '80 and newer Broncos, and they have two tracks in the tail gate that keeps the rear glass aligned when the window goes up and down. Apparently the '79 doesn't have any such thing. My rear glass is flopping around and does not line up with the rear opening when I raise the glass. Is there a good fix for this? My weatherstripping around the rear opening is in bad shape, along with the weatherstripping along the top of the tailgate. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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            I guess it s time to put the top back on for winter then it is almost 75... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

            I guess it's time to put the top back on for winter, then it is almost 75 degrees and sunny today, and the weather forecast is the same for at least 7 more days. I'm thinking it's time to consider a color change, inside and out. Since green interior parts are not easy to come by, Blue and white, or red and white, would be my choice. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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              1978 Bronco Just seeing if any interest in anyone purchasing truck For sale... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

              1978 Bronco.. Just seeing if any interest in anyone purchasing truck...For sale in Northern California... $2000 (?) no title, Bill of sale. Runs, drives, not registered..400m motor runs,a/t trans, carb just rebuilt, missing a few interior pieces in cab, Speedometer gauges missing. Comes with hard top. Possible delivery. Leave comments below or pm me if interested.

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                Photos from Carlene Marie's post — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

                My Boy got some attention. I got a small part time job last week and already got a bonus (or maybe it is a raise) for doing work wo the boss there. So I splurged along with getting new covers for my other car.. The Saddleman covers last a long time, been thru 2 vehicles in 15yrs but they let sand thru, the bottom wraps and strings were stretching out. These are buyouts at Ollie's. They had true mossy oak, but I don't like the pattern. This matches the outside better. Will install the back seat cover after hunting season is over or I get around to reorganizing the feed bins in back. Maybe tomorrow he'll get a bath lol!

                Hope y'all are having a good day.

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                  1979 Ford Bronco — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

                  Moving to California, and cannot take this with me. Time for it to go to a good home. For Sale: 1979 Ford Bronco. First 3000 takes it.


                  79 Bronco for sale 400/T18/205/9/44 400 is in great shape. Starts up first crank, every time. It has new: Radiator Cap & Rotor Plugs & Wires Hoses Ignition Module Starter Alternator T18 & 205 have...

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                    Dang my C6 started leaking on my 78 last week on the oil pump Now its pouring... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

                    Dang, my C6 started leaking on my 78 last week on the oil pump. Now its pouring out fluid once it gets hot. Yesterday I started pulling it out but when I was lowering my NP203 transfer case it rolled off the jack and cracked the cast iron housing. I'm sure I can weld it though. But man the C6 transmission is freakin massive lol. I replaced this seal when I put the new motor in. Less than 600 miles and its went out.... I blame AutoZone because I don't want to blame myself

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                      I have a seat upgrade question I have the stock folding bench seat in my 79... — 78 79 Ford Bronco lovers

                      I have a seat upgrade question. I have the stock folding bench seat in my 79, and the driver's side back is beginning to lean back too much for my liking. I remember my old Mustang seats had an adjuster where the top and bottom sections made contact, but I don't see anything on my stock seat. I don't care for high back buckets seats, and I would like to upgrade to a later model seat. Any suggestions for a bolt in retrofit, or something that will require minimum mods? This pic is my stock seat

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