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You can imagine how chuffed I was, painting a set of 11s on the tarmac during my first drive of a manual Ford Mustang GT with its hearty naturally aspirated V8 engine. In fact, it was around this time last year that I was singing its praises on social media...

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Photos from Neetish Kumar's post — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

Here pics of my Brand New Lightning Blue V8

Manual just picked up around end

November 2016 it has the new Sync 3

Only clocked 300kms

I'm might sell my Mustang only if I get offers

between $75,000 to $80,000

My Mustang has also

Invisible Car Wrap to the whole front of the car which includes the whole bonnet, front bumper

Front left and right guards

The mirrors and Front Headlights to protect from stone chips total cost me $2000

I also paid $2,500 for paint and interior protection and included window tint

If any one is keen to buy Mustang call

Neetish on 0418 577 055

Why wait for over 1 yr when you can have in now

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    Shaun Ewing shared E-Wing Aero Designs's post to the group: 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia. — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

    Hi guys,

    We have just announced the new Mustang front splitter and matching side skirt extensions and that we are running an end of year limited promotion on these.

    We are offering the front splitter for only $260 or front splitter and side skirts for $400 with a limited amount of only 5 of these sets available.

    If you'd like to put your name in for one or have any questions, please let me know or feel free to send us a message at E-Wing Aero Designs.

    Happy New Year!

    Update: Only 3 remaining for this price!

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      Hi all just after some info from all who have fitted aftermarket wheels and... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

      Hi all just after some info from all who have fitted aftermarket wheels and tyres, what size have you gone to beyond standard without body mods to make them fit?Did you go staggered? A local wheel specialist has told me you can comfortably go 10" wide on the front and 11"s on the rear! My pony doesn't arrive till December and I'm trying to work out which way to go with wheels. And feedback would be really appreciated.

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        DRIVE DAY AND PHOTO SHOOT Your Mustang with a P 51 Mustang — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

        DRIVE DAY AND PHOTO SHOOT - Your Mustang with a P-51 Mustang.

        Joel Strickland (Auto Journalist & Photographer) and I have organised this day to take some photos of your Mustang with a Mustang (P-51) and you can also take a tour of the Old Aeroplane Company.

        We currently have 8 Cars confirmed and have opened up a few more spots - up to 12. So first in -best dressed.


        LOCATION: Old Aeroplane Company in Tyabb (towards

        Mornington Peninsula). It'll be a great drive!



        Facebook page:


        DATE: Sunday, 25th of September @ 10.00am

        Meet at 8.30am at the BP Service Centre on EastLink

        (South Bound) and you can grab a coffee and have a chat

        before we head down to Tyabb together at around 9.15am.

        Please reply via comments to let us know if you would like to come.

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          Hey everyone — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

          Hey everyone,

          Wondering if anyone knows where I can a replacement mirror drivers side, it's been clipped. I've been getting ridiculous quotes, insurance won't cover unless I pay 1400 excess. Cheapest quote I got $700 for full thing, or $250 for just indicator light. If anyone can suggest cheaper options for the complete mirror would be great, coz I think the bearings could be stuffed, mirror doesn't close all the way in. .. (the base of the mirror has been put back in just the indicator that's cracked worried bout any water leaking in)


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            For those interested this is the 1st set that Loudz worked in Im very happy... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

            For those interested, this is the 1st set that Loudz worked in. Im very happy with it. The only issue is when the car is running the sequential indicators blink a tad shorter. No fault of Loudz, as Diode dynamics said its due to our wiring harness being different to US models. No other issues and honestly i could live eith that.

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              Just dropped the better half s car in for a service and had a chat to the... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

              Just dropped the better half's car in for a service and had a chat to the service manager about mods on the 'stand. This was a question about putting a CAI on . His answer was Ford would see it as a modification which could impact warranty negatively. While most would agree a CAI is not a big mod in the eyes of the manufacturer it could impact their decision on warranty. My car has a five year warranty and I was interested to get the dealer point of view.

              Don't all shot me for posting just passing on the Q and A from the dealer. His other point is given it is a Mustang they may even want to see the car if there is some issue.

              My SYNC 2 drops in and out and I want it fixed he said Ford may even send someone, given it is on Mustang.

              Just sayin guys and ladies....

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                Photos from Denis Bonin's post — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                MUSTANG OWNERS BREAKFAST/COFFEE MEET - Sunday 19th June 2016 -Albert Park.

                What an awesome day. It was great to meet you all. Angelo (Ruby Red), Christine & David (Magnetic) , Joel Strickland (mr foto), Adam (burnt orange), Anthony (yellow), Rod & Stephanie Herrrod (black supercharged), Michael & Barry (deep Impact blue), Mark (black shelby), Jonathan (to be black - soon), Kevin Roy (moderator of mustang g6).

                It was awesome and a real surprise for Rod Herrod to roll up and give us some great advice on mods we could do to our cars.

                Next meet's proposed location - Yarra Valley - Breakfast/Brunch and Cruise. Joel knows some great routes/roads in the area.

                Again thanks to all for a great day and some great advice and tips.

                PS: there's a boot release button on the underside of the bumper, just above the number plate. You're welcome Joel and Adam.


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                  Hi all Stang owners in Melbourne I d like to put out the feelers for interest... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                  Hi all Stang owners in Melbourne. I'd like to put out the feelers for interest in a get together at my mate's cafe Foddies Cafe (specialists in allergy friendly food) for coffee and/or breakfast on Sunday (19/6) say around 9am. We can park the cars along Beaconsfield Parade (Albert Park) - pretty good photo opportunity with the bay in the background. I'm also open to other suggestions for locations. If you can let me know asap, that would be great.

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                    John Lynch shared a link to the group: 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia. — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                    This the first 2016/16 Mustang meeting in Melbourne that I aware of:

                    The Mustang website - Australian section

                    -- fascinating about the modifications the Australian owners are making!

                    Australia - 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, GT350, GT500, Mach 1, Ecoboost) -


                    =========================================== ======



                    Cars & Coffee Melbourne May Event

                    Date: Saturday the 14th of May

                    Location: 1 Banfield Court Truganina

                    Time: 8am to 12pm

                    Attractions on the day:

                    - Photographers

                    - Car Company Stalls

                    - RAFFLES!

                    - Jumping Castle

                    * Food and Drinks Available *

                    - Egg & Bacon Rolls

                    - Coffee

                    - Hot Chocolates

                    - Sausage Sizzle

                    Female & Male Toilet's available.

                    ** $5 entry (donated to announced charity on the day) & that will also give you 2 raffle tickets to the announcement raffle prior to event **

                    all donations go to The Luke Batty Foundation:

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                      Jesse Pickering shared a link to the group: 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia. — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                      Admins please delete if necessary.

                      Hi all I'm Jesse and the owner of

                      I deal with lighting and accessories mainly for the 86 and a few other models like Subaru etc. it would be great to work with a couple of local people in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area for led options for the new mustang. Obviously for your help you would be getting benefits like free products. If your interested send me a pm and we can start working together.


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                        Ford Australia are about to confirm changes for the 2017 Mustang line up as... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                        Ford Australia are about to confirm changes for the 2017 Mustang line up as follows, affecting all vehicles built from the 2nd June 2016. New colours are : Grabber Blue, Lightning Blue and White Platinum Tri Coat, replacing Deep Impact Blue, Competition Orange and Guards Red. Any existing orders in the system will be delivered in the customers previously chosen choice of colour. SYNC3 becomes standard, and the Ecoboost gets a Space Saver spare tyre (not available in the GT). No changes to prices are expected.

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                          Ford Mustang loses its police stripes after overheating within minutes of a... — 2016 Ford Mustang for Australia

                          Ford Mustang loses its police stripes after overheating within minutes of a simulated pursuit.

                          THE Ford Mustang may be in hot demand but it won’t be in hot pursuit.

                          The iconic US muscle car has lost its police stripes after failing a critical test at the final hurdle before it could become a highway patrol vehicle.

                          NSW Police are now likely to be driving Volvo sedans and wagons, after their highway patrol counterparts in Queensland took delivery of five Swedish cars last month as part of a trial.

                          News Corp Australia has been told the Ford Mustang passed a brake test in the simulated pursuit at the police driving academy in Goulburn, however the automatic transmission overheated after just two laps, or about three minutes of driving.

                          The Mustang was then taken to the local Ford dealership in Goulburn for repairs after the performance flagship went into “limp home mode”.

                          While Ford is now holding a record 6000 orders in Australia for the Mustang — pushing the waiting list to 18 months — none will join NSW Police ranks after failing the endurance test, which is conducted for safety reasons before a car can be put into police service.

                          The future of the Ford Mustang bought by NSW Police for the trial is unclear. It may be used as a show pony at road safety displays, or could be stripped of its livery and sold.

                          Once the Ford production line closes in October 2016 and the Holden production line closes in late 2017, police will be forced to drive imported cars.

                          Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood told News Corp Australia the Mustang “was not specially engineered for police use” and described the test as “extreme” as it involves “more than twice the amount of braking manoeuvres as the global standard”. Ford had to make upgrades to the brakes and transmission cooling to the current Falcon before it passed the police test.

                          Mr Sherwood added: “We are confident Mustang would help officers chase down bad guys if put into service”.

                          NSW Police said it would not comment as the evaluation process for highway patrol replacement vehicles was “ongoing”.

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