1500 for a custom tune on the dyno for a stock xr5 sound about right

$1500 for a custom tune on the dyno for a stock xr5, sound about right?

Any small mods worth doing first?

Any cons?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks

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  • Better off spending a few thou before even entertaining the idea of a custom tune

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  • Andy it's going to cost more than 2 cents mate hahahaha

  • Zorst, intake, plenum, tcv, recirc, actuator, injectors to name a few.

  • Nah mate. These cars dont cost much to do up. Just stick a boost tee in.

  • Dong forget the red rocker switch to activate it either

  • Also you have a WiFi switch inside the car. Its near the drivers door handle.

  • For a stock car save your cash and get a hand held tuner. Dreamscience works great cause you can switch between the tunes as you work up the mod tree. If you get the custome tune first your gona end up doing a cai ic and maybe a tbe and then gona have to pay to retune it. Like the guys said do all your bolt ons first then go for a custom, will make the worlds difference. As for the clutch if your gentle and run the more basic tunes it wont fry it as quick as you think.

  • Get a Dreamscience Ultra for around $600 to $650 (depending on lives left) and then change tunes later if you do more mods. (I am probably selling my Ultra if you want one). Good gains can be had from an intake and exhaust. My car got a lot louder when I changed the cat. Intercooler is a must for hot climates and still beneficial anywhere else.

  • Anthony Rogers doesnt know anything he drives a Dawoo

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  • Its pronounced day-woo just in case