Good afternoon all

Good afternoon all,

I will be selling my stock wheels and tire when my factory order comes in. They are the upgraded 20" sport pack wheels with the Hancook tires. They obviously will be brand new. Lugs will be included. The truck is scheduled to come in April 13-16 time frame. I work at a dealership and there has been a delay on some of our trucks coming in but I hope everything gets caught up soon. Anyone interested in them? I'm asking $1400 obo for them. I will ship but buyer will need to pay for shipping. Located in southeast pa. Picture for reference of what they look like. Thanks

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Photos from Luke Sorensen's post

We are almost to the 2,000 member milestone. As the display of member count is not important, it also IS important at the same time. We need to make the popularity of the 13th gen F150 even better as well sharing info and pictures among other fellow F150 owners . Lets RESPECTFULLY share the group with your Ford friends and people with F150's who are not members yet. We also need more Raptor owners in here if you know any. A lot of new people in here recently and that's awesome! But the more, the merrier! Again please have respect for other groups/admins if you happen to share in other groups. I will continue to do the same as some admins have different rules about that sorta thing. Once we hit the 2,000 mark, someone will get their truck posted up as the cover photo. Thanks everyone!

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    Jordan Weir shared Weir Racing's post to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150 & 2017+ Ford Raptor. — 13th Gen. Ford F-150

    Hey guys! Wanted to introduce myself to the group and extend a special sale to the members. I'll take 10% off any truck accessories we carry such as these grilles, Weathertech floor liners, Access bed covers, BedRug bed liners, etc. as well as JLT air intakes and the numerous exhaust products we carry for the remainer of March. Weir Racing specializes in 2011+ Mustangs and GT500's with a focus on half mile and standing mile land speed racing. We hold numerous records including the 1/2 mile speed record for a Mustang (207.7mph - 2015 twin turbo Mustang) and are hoping to do something even bigger next weekend at Texas Mile! We recently purchased a 2016 F-150 and will be looking to race that in 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile events while still using it for daily driving, farm and shop use. We have a group buy planned in the near future for VMP TVS supercharger kits (we have made over 1000 rwhp with the TVS on our GT500). Feel free to check us out at and

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      fuel mavericks on NT420s

      20x12 -44 fuel maverick flat black with machined face on nitto 420s. 305/50r20 about a 33". Comes with TPMS. Fits fine on 2" level with front crash bars removed. Wheels are 9.5/10 no curbs or scratches. tires are 90% tread only 2.5k miles on them. Will meet within a reasonable distance. Located in Roanoke, VA price is 1800 obo

      20x12 -44 fuel maverick flat black with machined face on nitto 420s. 305/50r20 about a 33". Comes with TPMS. Fits fine on 2" level with front crash bars removed. Wheels are 9.5/10 no curbs or scratches. tires are 90% tread only 2.5k miles on them. Will meet within a reasonable distance. Located in Roanoke, VA price is 1800 obo

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        Sorry for posting a lot. Wanted to put this out there

        Sorry for posting a lot. Wanted to put this out there...

        I am on hiatus from doing emblems at the moment. Still waiting for my 3rd child to be born(wife is 10 days over due WTF). But I'll be back in a few weeks once I'm back to work. I don't want to take orders now, and can't touch them for awhile.

        Just wanted to mention I am now doing eco emblems. Pricing will vary on exactly what you want(color etc). I charged $30 to do 2 like this. Again I don't provide emblems.

        You can message me, but I'm not taking orders at the moment


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          Is there a oil change due soon or oil change overdue indicator If so how do I...

          Is there a 'oil change due soon' or 'oil change overdue' indicator? If so, how do I reset it? I just completed my first oil change after 5k miles since buying it used from a dealership.

          Also, do any of you have any tips on keeping the work area clean from oil drippings when removing the oil filter? This is one heck of a messy job when removing the oil filter, dripping oil all over some sort of component of the truck towards the rear from the filter.

          And last....what's with the special fluted design pattern on the Motorcraft FL500S oil filter? Now I have to seek another filter socket.

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            Need a little clarification on an issue I m having so I bought the anzo...

            Need a little clarification on an issue I'm I bought the anzo headlights for my truck and while I was at it I also purchased the f150leds H7 low beam bulbs that were recommended for the anzo headlights...I open the f150led box and there a ton of wires and connectors that I have really no idea how it all is supposed to be wired up...I've watched the video on f150led page and my connections don't look like the one that they are using, understandably it's a different bulb than what I there any way I could get a photo of how everything is suppose to look when it all connected together? Thanks

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              Ok everyone the almighty hid vs led war results

              Ok everyone the almighty hid vs led war results.

              Headlight housings are anzo white outline black projectors

              Bulbs used are opt7 led and morimoto xb hid 5500k

              Results. There is no difference at all whatsoever in brightness. They do not match the morimoto fogs either one of them.

              Led pros. Instantly on. No warm up time. Ballasts fit inside the anzo housings therefor no drilling cutting splicing no external wires and the cost is 100dollars

              Led cons. None at all

              Hid pros. None at all.

              Hid cons. 3 times the price. No more light output. Several external harnesses capacitors relays etc et. Must drill out the anzo caps that seal the headlight to route a grommet and harness external of the headlight housing.

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                Battle of the facebook groups lol We had a major problem tonight and over...

                Battle of the facebook groups lol. We had a major problem tonight and over period of a about a week. I knew what these other guys were up to and I waiting till the right time to strike back. I can't stress the fact enough that this is a drama free group and it will remain that way. I'd like to thank all my loyal members in here and to the ones that I talk to personally on occasion. You know I'm a nice guy and keep things smooth here.

                Again, if you see anyone sharing links as a post or in the comments for another 13th gen group, let me know ASAP PLEASE!!! Thanks again everyone!

                A smart admin knows how to take care of his group and his members!

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                  Does anyone know if there is a fix for the 110v AC Converter intermittently...

                  Does anyone know if there is a fix for the 110v AC Converter intermittently working? I've been having the outlet indicator light on about 60% of the time. Been like that since I purchased it and didn't think of it much until i started using it to charge the phone and plug in laptop. I remedy it by unplugging the Converter unit in the rear and then it works for a few days. I don't have anything plugged in while starting the truck and I do not leave anything plugged in. Is this a known issue? I am reluctant to bringing it to the dealer - I heard from other forums that its a waste of time. And reading the post below about f150 problems via, it seems that a typical f150 sits in a dealer for several days for parts that are consistently back-ordered. Probably my first and last Ford anything.

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                    Ford tweaked a lot of minor things for 2017 s and wow they add up Keyless...

                    Ford tweaked a lot of minor things for 2017's and wow they add up. Keyless entry unlocks faster, different door seals (less road noise), completely reengineered cup holders that don't spill everything, I don't have to slam doors twice to close them, more tactile knobs, different fake leather / higher quality steering wheel material, even the factory non-sony speakers sound better, the plastic door panels are thicker reenforced and the pockets don't flex. The seats feel like a better fake leather as well. I'm in a Missouri truck now too, so I suspect that's why it feels like it was built better - all the doors and panels are lined up dead on unlike the rear doors on most Dearborn builds. Colour me impressed!

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                      2016 F 150 Lariat 501A package Fx4 6200miles

                      2016 F-150 Lariat 501A package Fx4 6200miles

                      Went to turn my truck on this morning to take off everything was Normal until I started reversing. My Parking sensors weren't working. I disregarded it because it's not that big of a deal so I put my truck in drive and started taking off got about half way down my entrance when my fuel gauge dropped to empty and my check engine light came on. By this time I was already on the road I used my blinkers to turn back home and my turn signals were hyper flashing. Anyone ever had this problem nothing has been altered on the vehicle to cause this. The only thing I did last night was wash the exterior of my truck. Any help would be appreciated.


                      Check engine light on

                      Fuel gauge not working (have half a tank)

                      Led tail lights with Blis hyper flashing

                      Rear parking sensors not working

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                        Carlos Hernandez shared a link to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                        is this my only option to mount a 20 LED bar across the front of my truck????. My truck has the sensor in the bumper(driver side). I know I am limited to what I can run. I do know there is a relocation bracket the moves the sensor up into the grill but I'd rather not do that. Second question. Black or polished. 16 Limited. Not much black on the truck beside tires and wheel new wheel will have a gloss black lip and chrome face(FUEL). I have looked at different vendors and I have come up empty handed. All option are not compatible with the sensor.

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                          Photos from John Barrett's post

                          If anyone is looking for a no-holes-drilled mounting solution for what they previously used magnetic mounts for, one possible solution that I have found is the Acari Low Profile has worked good for me. What is pictured is the 34" mount with a custom 32" Whelen Liberty lightbar.

                          Here is the link for the Acari:


                          There is another solution that I saw but did not pursue as I wasn't sure it would support the weight of my setup: the larson mount:

                 d-f150-magnetic-mounting-plate-for-magnetic-goligh t-spotlights-weatherproof-seal.aspx

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                            I have a platinum white 2015 supercrew and am wanting to paint a few parts...

                            I have a platinum white 2015 supercrew and am wanting to paint a few parts platinum white. To start with, I want to paint the chrome section of the stock running boards. I have no idea what I need to accomplish this. How much paint do I need? Do I need multiple coats of differing products? Are spray can variants sufficient rather then a spray gun? I am unexperienced with this type of task. Heres the only website I've found with products so far. Thanks fellas. I love this group. int.aspx

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                              Luke Sorensen updated the description of the group 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                              This page is dedicated to the all new 2015 Ford F-150 13th generation truck. Feel free to share pictures, updates, information, how-to's, troubleshooting, buy and sell, etc. As the owner of this page, I am a HUGE F-150 fan starting with the 10th generation models up to the new current 13th generation. Because of my interests in the 97-15+ F-150's, I will allow minimal posts of those generation trucks, but keep in mind, it is mostly for the 13th generation trucks and the 2017+ Raptor. I hope we can all keep a civilized group up and running and not have any negative people on this page. Please respect everyone's truck and comments that are Ford related. To each person, their truck is their pride and joy and it is styled to their liking, whether it is stock or customized. Please respect that! You would not like people talking negative about your truck or what you have to say so please take that into consideration for others. If any admins or myself find people being inappropriate in this group, you will deleted! I do not own any posted copyright material (i.e. official Ford photos or articles). This page is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company. Simply a fan based group. Please enjoy!

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                                I had a document and lost it Can someone here post how to calibrate the moon...

                                I had a document and lost it. Can someone here post how to calibrate the moon roof? I know you press the map lights in a sequence then hold the open, tilt and close buttons at different stages. I just don't know the sequence. Since getting my moonroof replaced it slides back fine, but some times it will snag when tilting up. I suspect my dealer didn't calibrate it after replacement, because the pivot point looks off. It doesn't rattle any more which is amazing. But take a look at this photo. The guide pin seems to be back an inch more than normal. In addition to this sometimes I need to press the close button twice for it to close. So I'm hoping calibrating it will solve the issue.

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                                  Everyone with stock fender flares Could you please take some close up photos...

                                  Everyone with stock fender flares. Could you please take some close up photos of where they attach to the truck. I'm adding a pair of OEM flares to my truck since it didn't come with them. I know they don't just attach right up since the body panels don't have the punch outs. So I need pics from the of how look so I can do what I need to do. I already have 3M tape. I also know the two screws on the front ones match up, but on the bottom it's different. Also the rear ones I'll have to do some modifications. So just attch pics please the more the better. Different angles are good too. Thanks!

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                                    On whether or not a modification will void your warranty

                                    On whether or not a modification will void your warranty...

                                    I read many posts about adding a lift or leveling kit, or a CAI, exhaust, tuning, etc where owner suggest that it will or won't void your warranty. Let's clear the air on something: Nobody here can say with certainty that modifying your vehicle will or will not void the warranty. This is determined by Ford Motor Company on a claim by claim basis. Now, I know there are many people on here who have had a repair covered by warranty where a modification was in play, but that does not guaranty that the next guy will be so lucky.

                                    I was lucky enough to have my SSI tuned EB replaced under warranty after it exploded. But that does not mean that tuning your engine doesn't void your warranty.

                                    There are a couple of things to understand about warranty claims. One is details of what is covered and what is NOT covered in your Ford Warranty. The other is the law-both federal and state laws that are designed to protect you when the manufacturer won't.

                                    So, read your Warranty! What you'll see in that document is that Ford has some broad language that allows them to deny your covered repair because you modified your vehicle. Here's an excerpt pulled from section 3 (NEW VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY), under the section topic:

                                    Damage Caused by Alteration or Modification

                                    .........................excerp t............................................

                                    < p>The New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any damage caused by:

                                    • alterations or modifications of the vehicle, including the body, chassis, or components, after the vehicle leaves the control of Ford Motor Company

                                    • tampering with the vehicle, tampering with the emissions systems or with the other parts that affect these systems (for example, but not limited to exhaust and intake systems)

                                    • the installation or use of a non-Ford Motor Company part (other than a certified emissions part) or any part (Ford or non-Ford) designed for off-road use only installed after the vehicle leaves the control of Ford Motor Company, if the installed part fails or causes a Ford part to fail. Examples include, but are not limited to lift kits, oversized tires, roll bars, cellular phones, alarm systems, automatic starting systems and performance-enhancing power train components or software and performance ‘‘chips’’

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                                      Anyone here do their own retrofit. Looking at possibly trying it out on mine

                                      Anyone here do their own retrofit? Looking at possibly trying it out on mine. Pretty mechanically inclined but never tackled a headlight.

                                      From what I've read it's fairly straight forward. Biggest paint seems to be opening the housing and resealing? I also have no clue as to how to paint the chrome reflector.

                                      Plan on using the Morimoto Mini D2, Apollo 3.0 Shroud, H11 Ballast/Bulb/Relay. Should I need anything else? Planned on using LED to somewhat match in the Hi Beam since I figure I won't need it much. And Morimoto Fogs.

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                                        Is there anyone interested in a group buy for a copy of the factory service...

                                        Is there anyone interested in a group buy for a copy of the factory service manual on CD or SD card? I found one on ebay for $280, but that's way too rich for my budget. The cost would depend on how many people basically RSVP for the CD / SD card. 9 people, plus me, would bring the cost to $28 +shipping. More people, less cost. At $28, that's an excellent price for the info. I'll compile a list of names that PM me expressing interest with the most they want to pay for a copy. I want to get the price down to $28, but I can't guarantee it if there isn't enough interest. After accumulated interest slows to a halt, i'll reply to all as a group PM with everyone in it, so that everyone can see the transparency of this group buy with the reflected pricing per person. Cost would also be determined by media format and shipping. A CD is ultimately cheap compared to an SD card, but shipping a CD would cost more due to packaging material, whereas I can ship an SD card, protected by some cardboard, then mailed in an envelope with cheap shipping cost. Send me a PM so I can get a group PM list of names going.

                                        I'd like to keep the shipping to USA and Canadian addresses only. I want to keep this process as simple as possible.

                                        This is the Ebay item i'm considering. If you can find it cheaper, let me know. R-Service-INFORMATION-Shop-Repair-Manual-ON-CD-NEW -/162015728127?hash=item25b8e3d1ff:g:xmUAAOSwNuxXY Yst&vxp=mtr

                                        EDIT: I found the disk cheaper at $177, so about $17 (SD card a little more) + shipping.

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                                          I have a question for 2016 American XLT and Lariat owners after noticing for...

                                          I have a question for 2016 American XLT and Lariat owners after noticing for the first time that on a 2015 301a XLT there is a physical white headlight 'ON' indicator bedside the speedometer.

                                          Every Canadian truck I've sat in has a: high beam, fog light and park lamp indicator either as a physical light or as a digital icon in the productivity screen. Until now, I've never seen a regular headlight 'on' indicator lamp.

                                          I'm wondering if American trucks with the 8" productivity screen have this 'headlight on' white indicator light either within the productivity screen as a digital icon or near the spedo as a physical light?

                                          If yes, then perhaps we (Canadians) are missing something in the IPC module when we disable DRLs or we have an entirely different piece of hardware for our instrument control panel.

                                          What's more puzzling is that over on the Ford edge forums, some say that the lighting control knob is back lit and if the back light is illuminated that's what Ford uses to indicate when headlights are on. What's funny though, is that multiple people with the same trim level Edge and same model year have different configurations when it comes to this. I've never seen 13 Gen control knobs light up even though I'm nearly certain it's the same physical switch in all Ford vehicles. At dusk it's very hard to tell if my headlights are on without bending down and checking the infinitely small and unlit text of the knobs position.

                                          Any feedback on this (preferably with photos) if your headlight knob is back-lit or not; and if you have a headlight on indicator, would be appreciated.

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                                            Question for those of you who may have delt with it already or are currently...

                                            Question for those of you who may have delt with it already, or are currently dealing with the TSB for the inoperative door lock assem.

                                            Ford ( local dealer ) is telling me i'm looking at a 2 month wait on parts. Granted it's in working order most the time, if it gets down around 25 it seems to freeze. I'm usually not picky on these matters but damn, 2 months?

                                            Anything I can do? I certainly don't have time to wait for it to shut everytime it does it, and don't wanna be in the middle of no where and not be able to get in or out. Am I just SOL until the parts come in?

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                                              Finally took the plunge and after waiting thru 2016 for the update from Ford to...

                                              Finally took the plunge and after waiting thru 2016 for the update from Ford to the Sync system installed it last night. I had opted out of the navigation package after hearing that the Sync 3 would work with Apple Maps however it needed a couple of changes.

                                              Ordered the new interface module that has the white bezel from Walt Sweeney Ford and discovered that you need to install the software first and then install the module.


                                              Downloaded the software after reading lots of post and finding a link on post 497 on this thread


                                              Followed the read-me first document and was able to install the files, then replace the module which is really easy to pop out from the front using a pry tool and then found that I now have several new icons that work GREAT!

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                                                The most cost effective way to get the OBD MX Bluetooth is to go to Amamzon. com (not Amazon. ca), and look at the 'other sellers' list. There is only one of 7 distributors that ships to Canada. They are called: 'Mobile Computing Solutions'.

                                                This is the quickest and most cost effective way to get an OBD MX up here if you want to buy new.

                                                I know someone who just bought one in January 2017. Yes, the exchange rate sucks and Alberta tax is a laughable-low 5% GST. His total with tax, fees, shipping and other BS works out to $167 CAD. Shipping time is about a week standard.

                                                Just reporting this here because I know it's a powerful tool many of you are interested in for reprogramming your trucks features with.

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                                                  Luke Sorensen shared Rated Red's video to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                  Well, Ford is off to an excellent start to 2017. We are getting updated 13th gens for the 2018 model year. Ford DID confirm the return of the Bronco and Ranger for 2019 and 2020. We are getting an updated Mustang as well as an updated 5.0 V8 for the F150 which will then mate with the new 10 speed as well as the new Powerstroke V6. We are getting a completely new Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. I'm sure several other of Ford's vehicles will get updated or redesigned. BUT.... I wonder how much the Ranger will resemble the F150 and how similar the Bronco and F150 will be and what parts will be swappable.

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                                                    Photos from Eric R. Chung's post

                                                    THE DREADED DAY WHERE YOUR F150 NO LONGER LOOKS LIKE THE NEWEST F150 IS UPON US..... Looks like ford released the new 2018 F-150. As far as exterior aesthetics they changed the front and rear lights, grill and tailgate...... i dont know if i'm bias because i own a 2015 lariat but i still like the original front fascia/grill on the 2015-2017 models. They are matching the super duty style grill now. What do you guys think about it?

                                                    ALSO They added Two New Engines.

                                                    -3.3l Base V6 ( 282 hp & 253 torque)

                                                    -3.0l Powerstroke Diesel (figures not released)


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                                                      Hey Guys another question related to wheels tires spacers

                                                      Hey Guys another question related to wheels/tires/spacers

                                                      Current setup 15" f150 2wd w/ 33x12.5x20 M/T -10mm offset and 2.5 leveling kit. I currently have RC fender flares and with this setup the truck and wheels are flush. So the tires don't stick out more than the flares.

                                                      What I want to do Is go to a A/T or even a road tire considering my 35k miles a year on the pavement/highway. Most of the tires I am looking at are 33" tall by around 11" wide (275/60/r20). Adapting a 1.75" BORA to the tires should give me that same look. So I think?

                                                      Anyone know if a 275/65/r20 would fit? its about an inch taller so 34.1"? Does anyone see any issues with my idea?

                                                      What are your thoughts? I'm just trying to order everything and put it all together and hope it all fits haha. Any help would work!

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                                                        Ok guys, we are slacking on Gen 2 Raptor owners in the group. So this means it's recruiting time. Share and invite the group so we can get some new Raptor guys in here!!! First member to get a legit Raptor owner in our group will get their truck featured as the group cover photo!

                                                        If you get a Raptor owner(s) in the group, shoot me a pm so I know first hand and can get a picture of your truck posted as the cover photo. After some time passes, the next cover picture will be of the guys Raptor you added to the group!

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                                                          Chad Fraser shared a link to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                          For any ambitious owners out there (do not do this to a lease), here is how to go from My Ford Touch AKA Sync 2 to Sync 3 with Car Play and Android Auto. It is NOT simple and to my knowledge only a handful of Fusion and Mustang owners have ever bothered. If you get it to work in your F150 please do a writeup. Attempting this requires attention to detail, basic electrical knowledge, moderate computer skills and a few hundred bucks. If you message me for advice about ForScan I can help. Any other inquires will be replied to with links or ignored. I'm not doing this for anyone but I can point you in the right direction.

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                                                            Photos from Chris Watkins's post

                                                            Rant time.

                                                            Been dealing with anthem off-road for weeks now and they have the worse customer service I have ever experienced. First it takes forever to get ahold of somebody. Second the quality of their weeks is shit. And lastly their customer service sucks. Finally got my second set from them which they promised they would double check them and send me pics before they sent them. Well I received my second set yesterday without receiving pictures and with the same damage as last time. Small scratches all over the wheels and spots which look like water spots but they do not come off. (I am not buffing new wheels just for them to say I ruined them and not take the return). I just want everyone to know to steer clear of anthem off-road.

                                                            Rant over.

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                                                              Hey everybody I got a question about light bulbs Im getting ready to replace...

                                                              Hey everybody. I got a question about light bulbs. Im getting ready to replace the factory halogen low beam and fog light bulbs. Im trying to find the right balance of brightness while not blasting oncoming traffic with an excessive amount of light. Any body know how many lumens the factory bulbs put out? Any recommendations on lumen output for new low beam and fog light bulbs? (p.s. light output > oncoming traffic ha)

                                                              CREE LED Low Beam

                                                              MK1 3000(Lumens), MK2 3600L, MK3 6000L

                                                              PUTCO Low Beam

                                                              Silver Lux LED H11 4000(Lumens)

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                                                                Wanted to share my LEDs replacement experience from F150LEDs. com

                                                                Wanted to share my LEDs replacement experience from

                                                                I got my truck a few months back and wanted to brighten things up a bit. I ordered the bed lights, they came in as expected. I’ll admit I’m hooked on this upgrade thing so I then ordered Backup and License Plate lights during Black Friday and got a great deal.

                                                                After Payment went through I noticed the order total was incorrect so I contacted Customer Service… they took care of it right away. I received the lights and shirt as expected.

                                                                After replacing the License plate bulb one didn’t work. I again contacted Customer Service and they again responded as before… very quick and courteous.

                                                                I’m the first to call out bad products and/or customer service; but am also very big on giving credit where credit is due.

                                                                The Customer Care at is in my book one of the BEST!!! The product and customer care is HIGHLY recommended!

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                                                                  Alex Jennings shared a link to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                  New to the group, As I scroll through I see some looking for #'s on stock vs tuned.. as well as some manifold pros vs cons. Well we have done just that. Here are our results on the 15+ f150 5.0 stock, tuned, mustang gt intake, boss intake vs a cobra jet. Let Jake Reed or I know if you have any questions. We would be more then happy to help out. Give us a call if its easier also. We can help with power, efficiency, to interior/exterior mods as well.



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                                                                    Post yours up guys. I m sure you can put Ford down more than once on this

                                                                    Post yours up guys. I'm sure you can put Ford down more than once on this.

                                                                    Your first car: 1998 Ford F150 XLT 5.4

                                                                    Last car you sold: 2005 Nissan Sentra

                                                                    Last car you bought: 2008 Lincoln Mark LT

                                                                    Favorite car you ever owned: 2002 Ford F150 XLT 5.4

                                                                    Longest you've ever owned a car: 98 F150 - 10 years and counting

                                                                    The car you wish you never sold: 2001 Lincoln Navigator

                                                                    Most fun car you've owned: 2015 Ford F150 Lariat 5.0 and 2013 Ford F150 XLT 6.2

                                                                    Worst car you've owned: 2008 Mercury Sable

                                                                    Favorite manufacturer: Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury

                                                                    Least favorite manufacturer: Anything foreign

                                                                    Favorite car in the world: 2003-04 Mercury Marauder, F150's

                                                                    The car you hate most in the world: Anything foreign

                                                                    The last thing you purchased for a car?: Oem Lincoln all weather floor mats

                                                                    Copy and paste and add your own answer

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                                                                      LED Interior Bulb Package

                                                                      LED Interior Package. Replaces your stock bulbs. For most vehicles includes Map Lights, Dome Lights, Courtesy Lights, Trunk/Bed, Cargo, License Plate etc... $25 Free Shipping you choose your color. White, Red, Green, Blue and for some applications Pink/Purple.

                                                                      LED Interior Bulb Package

                                                                      $25 - Sarasota, FL (34241)

                                                                      LED Interior Package. Replaces your stock bulbs. For most vehicles includes Map Lights, Dome Lights, Courtesy Lights, Trunk/Bed, Cargo, License Plate etc... $25 Free Shipping you choose your color. White, Red, Green, Blue and for some applications Pink/Purple.

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                                                                        Hi everyone I just recently purchased a used 2015 F150 XLT 3 5 EB 4x4 with the...

                                                                        Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a used 2015 F150 XLT 3.5 EB 4x4 with the integrated TBC and experienced some issues when I connected my trailer that I've found to be common amongst '15 and some '16 F150s. As soon as I put it in gear it would say "Trailer Disconnected" and the brake controller seemed like it wasn't working but when I squeezed it I noticed it would apply the trailer brakes. I programmed my trailer and set it to "electric/hydraulic" and although the trailer brakes really didn't work during my trip I didn't think much about it. I've read a couple of threads on and I've noticed some people got their Ford dealership to install an updated TBC - (FL3Z-2C006-AB) with what I've read provided good results and no more issues. The standard TBC for a '15 is FL3Z-2C006-AA. Doing more research I found that Tasca Parts Center online sells a newer TBC controller - model GL3Z-2C006-CA for '15 - '16 F150s. I'm curious if this is a solution to the problem? I bought this truck to tow and was very pleased with my first trip with the truck but really don't want the truck to catch fire in the cab due to the TBC module or have the brakes on my trailer lock up on my next trip. Anyone have this newest TBC installed and if so did it solve the problem?

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                                                                          Photos from Terry JW's post

                                                                          Hey Gen 13!

                                                                          I have an option available to restore / protect your B pillars. The factory pillars are sealed with a terrible gloss finish that scuffs, scratches and swirls from just looking at it funny. They are very poorly made. I sell a 3m film that is plotted to fit directly over the existing pillars. Install is easy and done in 15 min. I have provided a kit to over 47 members in the Alberta F150 group and would like to pass along the same offer to this group. I can ship anywhere in North America provided you pay the shipping costs. I'm asking $60 cad For the kit plus shipping. Comment below if you would like a kit.

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                                                                            Ready Lift 1.5 in billet aluminum leveling kit

                                                                            I have a new in the box Ready Lift 1.5in leveling kit for 04-16 F150. $160 shipped. I ordered this for a customer and they never came and got it. Also if anyone is looking for lighting or any other accessories for your F150 message me I can save you some $ and shipping will be free

                                                                            I have a new in the box Ready Lift 1.5in leveling kit for 04-16 F150. $160 shipped. I ordered this for a customer and they never came and got it. Also if anyone is looking for lighting or any other accessories for your F150 message me I can save you some $ and shipping will be free

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                                                                              Kelly Chapin shared Brew City Boost LLC's post to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                              Fresh from Sema 2016, the new Bullydog BDX! Its very similar to the SCT X4 (same parent company) but with some really cool new functionality. So this unit has the ability to sync your new tunes and data logs via the cloud! That means no more dragging your device out of your vehicle and plugging it into a computer to load tunes or datalogs. Now it just syncs automatically via wifi. It also has a magnetic mounting plate on the back and looks a whole lot better than the X4! It comes with a slimmer OBD2 connector that routes to a flat-ribbon cable. Otherwise it has the same menus and responsiveness as an X4. Apologize for the poor pics, just wanted to share this new product right away! These will be available with custom tuning through Brew City Boost later today!

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                                                                                Looking for some advice. I am starting to look for new wheels for my 15 2wd XL

                                                                                Looking for some advice. I am starting to look for new wheels for my 15 2wd XL . I do not have a leveling kit on it and it came with stock steel rims with 245 17" Tires. I know I am going with black rims with some machined surface to break it up a little since my white Truck has zero chrome on it. I also have put fender flares on it so I need a bigger wider tire for sure. the wheel wells look empty with whats on it. Should I go with a 18" or 20" or stick with 17" rim ? I know I want a tire that has a little more aggressive look but being 2wd it will never see anything off road. I am on a limited budget too and can not afford to be putting on any real expensive stuff :-) Only used I have been able to find in rims have been chrome or polished aluminum . Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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                                                                                  So question for y all I ve had a lot of trucks and done lifts or leveling kits...

                                                                                  So question for y'all I've had a lot of trucks and done lifts or leveling kits on all of them for more clearance when I'm out hunting, that being said all have been 3/4 ton and even with leveling kits could fit 35's just fine but this is my first time on a half ton and specifically an f150 now I would like to run 35's but from what I've been reading looks like that's not possible with a leveling kit does anyone on here have any experience with that? And if you're one of of those know it all types and just wanna give smart ass advice don't bother thanks for info in advance.

                                                                                  2015 platinum 4x4

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                                                                                    So now that the 17s are about to hit the lot what is the consensus on the 2

                                                                                    So now that the 17s are about to hit the lot, what is the consensus on the 2.7? I'm trying to get into a 16 soon. I really am hoping to finance this time around and be done leasing, so I'm looking at the XLs 4x4 in the range of 38-40 sticker price. I do want a 5.0 (i've had 3 12th gen 5.0s) but it looks like theres only a few 5.0s left at my dealer. Im having a hard time convincing myself to buy a 2.7 as I would love to do a good amount of mods to my next truck, and not get fucked over some ecoboost warranty issues. I'd probably miss the aftermarket exhaust tone too. What's everyone's thoughts?

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                                                                                      Luke Sorensen shared a link to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                                      I wondered why Ford didn't offer factory performance upgrades for the F150. I'd like to see the percentage of F150 owners who have done performance upgrades compared to the guys that leave them stock. However, Ford knows that a majority of the 5.0 guys can swap over some Mustang parts. They also know there is a huge aftermarket selection for the 5.0 and ecoboost setups. No one knows the Ford engines and ecm better than Ford themselves, so you know if they were to offer even a simple tuner, they would know how to push it to the max without hurting the drivetrain and warranty.

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                                                                                        Well got an update on the truck Estimator has it written up pretty tight in...

                                                                                        Well got an update on the truck. Estimator has it written up pretty tight in the 20-22k range right now, with the majority of the damage being body/structural with no frame and very minor, if any, suspension damage. About what I expected it to be, so the truck, as of now, isn't totaled, but will be getting fixed for at least 1.5 months.

                                                                                        He was amazed at how well the truck absorbed the damage and the fact everything was contained in the front quarter area. Definitely gave his seal of approval to Ford on a job well done.

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                                                                                          Hello everyone I m in need. if you have one of these cars I need your help

                                                                                          Hello everyone I'm in need.... if you have one of these cars I need your help....I need to make a copy of your third brake light....please pm me if you have one of these cars and we can discuss payment for letting me trace out your third brake light ....tia

                                                                                          Honda Crv

                                                                                          -1st Gen 96-01

                                                                                          -2nd Gen 02-06

                                                                                          -3rd Gen 07-11

                                                                                          -4th Gen 12-present

                                                                                          Acura Integra

                                                                                          -3rd Gen 94-01

                                                                                          -4th Gen 02-06

                                                                                          Honda Prelude

                                                                                          -3rd Gen 87-91

                                                                                          -4th Gen 96-01

                                                                                          Honda Accord

                                                                                          -4th Gen 89-93

                                                                                          -5th Gen 93-97

                                                                                          -6th Gen 97-02

                                                                                          -7th Gen 02-07

                                                                                          -8th Gen 07-12

                                                                                          -9th Gen 12-Present

                                                                                          Honda Civic

                                                                                          -5th Gen 91-95

                                                                                          -6th Gen 95-00

                                                                                          -7th Gen 00-05

                                                                                          -8th Gen 05-11

                                                                                          -9th Gen 11-15

                                                                                          -10th Gen 15-Present

                                                                                          1998 Ford F 1-150

                                                                                          1991 Nissan Sentra Se-R

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                                                                                            Speaking of Extended Range Fuel Tank Ran my first full tank through and...

                                                                                            ...Speaking of Extended Range Fuel Tank. Ran my first full tank through and averaged about 19 mpg. Just filled it back up and she's showing 750 DTE!!! I know it's considered the "Liars Guage" as I actually only got 609 miles out of the first full tank (at 19mpg), but I can already tell I'm not regretting getting the big tank. This is coming off me trading in a '16 Explorer Sport with the TTEB with only an 18 gallon tank. I was pulling a trailer to Ohio, only getting 9.5 mpg and having to stop for gas every 125 miles!

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                                                                                              This is NOT my photo or information posted here but for the people who were...

                                                                                              This is NOT my photo or information posted here but for the people who were interested in the King Ranch tail lights (without BLIS). They seem pretty cool. Anyone on here have these?

                                                                                              Information copied from

                                                                                              "The King Ranch tails have a separate yellow turn signal in the middle - that large section you assume is a backup light, is actually a small backup light on top and a large yellow turn signal below. The brake light is a large red rectangle around all of that..."

                                                                                              Here is the complete thread: llights-318189/

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                                                                                                So this for all the f150 family that has the 2 7 eb strange thing happen on...

                                                                                                So this for all the f150 family that has the 2.7 eb , strange thing happen on the way home ! Made left turn at the light (did not gun it) got thru the turn and then felt a jult and all the numbers of the screen went away except for 1 and 2 rev high pulled over put in park shut it off waited a few seconds started it back up all the numbers for the gears showed up drove fine the rest of the ride home. Weird is it drove fine up until I stop and waited for traffic to go past so I could turn. Anyone have this issue?

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                                                                                                  Photos from Billy Guy's post

                                                                                                  Trip pics from our drive from Phoenix, AZ to our family farm near Minot, ND. 2016 Platinum FX4 3.5L EB 3.73 with just under 1000 miles. The trip is just shy of 1600 mile. MPG was steadily increasing until we crossed into Montana, 35-40 mph head winds brought us down from 19 to 16. Also convinced that the quality of the fuel up here is poor. Made this trip 4 years in a row now and it happens every time. From Northern Wyoming up, milage goes to hell, and it goes back up once south of there on the return trip, must be ethanol or something. Truck was great to drive. Quite, smooth and comfortable. Takes the corners flat, feels planted. The sync3 works better than the Sync that was in my '13. Really liked the blind spot monitor, and the adaptive cruise control. The massage seats were pretty nice as well. I feel that this truck is a large improvement over my '13 f150 overall. Here is a few shots from the road, co-pilots snoozing, Chris Ledoux memorial in Kaycee, Wyoming and a few shots after we arrived at the farm and got the road grime washed off.

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                                                                                                    Well ladies and gentlemen I have given it some careful thought and have decided...

                                                                                                    Well ladies and gentlemen, I have given it some careful thought and have decided I need to part ways with my 13th gen. I honestly don't need it as I have 4 other working trucks, and I don't use this truck for nothing more than driving to and from work which is less than 20 miles per day. I'm basically paying monthly for a fancy ride to and from work. I have a Lincoln Blackwood for that. So here it goes.... being in north east IL with roughly 15K miles, what do you believe it is worth and would someone on here have an interest in it? You are welcome to private message me if interested...

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                                                                                                      So I have a question I drive a 2016 Ford F 150 XLT 302A with the 8 touch...

                                                                                                      So, I have a question. I drive a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT 302A with the 8" touch screen (Sync 3). Anyways, while I was looking for houses the other night, I shut my truck off to look at the house with my realtor and came back to the truck, started it up, and the digital climate control popped up on the screen. Now mind you it doesn't have the option for digital climate contol on the lower bar on the screen. Has anyone had this issue before? Was there an update that I wasn't aware about? After I went to the radio after messing with it, it disappeared and never to be seen again (happened a couple days ago). I just went through the settings and it says I'm running 1.0 version of Sync and hasn't been updated or searched for an update since February when I purchased the truck. Thanks in advance!

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                                                                                                        LED Interior Bulb Package

                                                                                                        LED Interior Package. Replaces your stock bulbs. For most vehicles includes Map Lights, Dome Lights, Courtesy Lights, Trunk/Bed, Cargo, License Plate etc... $25 Free Shipping you choose your color. White, Red, Green, Blue and for some applications Pink/Purple.

                                                                                                        LED Interior Bulb Package

                                                                                                        $25 - Free shipping

                                                                                                        LED Interior Package. Replaces your stock bulbs. For most vehicles includes Map Lights, Dome Lights, Courtesy Lights, Trunk/Bed, Cargo, License Plate etc... $25 Free Shipping you choose your color. White, Red, Green, Blue and for some applications Pink/Purple.

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                                                                                                          BUY SELL TRADE NOW ACTIVE

                                                                                                          * * * BUY, SELL, TRADE NOW ACTIVE * * *

                                                                                                          Ok guys and gals, I have added the buy, sell, trade feature to the group. Listed below are a few simple rules I hope everyone can follow:

                                                                                                          * Please only use the feature if you plan to sell something, looking to buy something, etc.

                                                                                                          * Use a realistic price when selling or browsing for an item

                                                                                                          * Do not use the feature to post up a normal topic or picture unless it is to buy or sell

                                                                                                          * If your item has been sold or for whatever reason you do not need it listed, please remove it from the timeline.

                                                                                                          * When using the feature, please include some details about the item and provide your asking price as well as your location and an actual picture of the item.

                                                                                                          * Shipping methods should be negotiated between buyer and seller.

                                                                                                          * Submit the buy/sell post as if you are reading someone else' and people are pleased and satisfied with it.

                                                                                                          If you have questions or concerns about anything regarding this feature, feel free to pm me.

                                                                                                          Thanks everyone and enjoy!!!

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                                                                                                            CONTEST TIME

                                                                                                            ****CONTEST TIME****

                                                                                                            Alright ladies and gentlemen, we need to get some action going with this group. Let's have a cover photo contest. I will have better contests later down the road. Post the best picture you have of your 13th gen. I'll keep this going till next Saturday at noon (central time). The picture with the most likes, by the deadline, will be put up as the new cover photo for a month.

                                                                                                            The 1 and only rule to this is, share and invite new members. Let's try to get to 500 members. Then I will have an even better contest. Let's do this!

                                                                                                            ****MAKE SURE YOU GET PEOPLE TO LIKE YOUR PICTURE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES TO WIN****

                                                                                                            Note: Because I'm the admin, my truck is exempt. Also you are free to like your own photo as well as as many as you can gather from other people!

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                                                                                                              So I posted previously about my washer fluid freezing even though it hasn t...

                                                                                                              So I posted previously about my washer fluid freezing, even though it hasn't been consistent with outside temperatures and I am using low temp fluid. Took it to the dealer and of course they could not replicate the issue. They told me to try and record driving conditions when it occurs and let them know. Yesterday I believe I have finally narrowed it down to it occurring only for prolonged (greater than 5 minutes) driving at highway speeds of 65 to 75mph.

                                                                                                              I am wondering if it could be an electrical issue related to the shields that close in front of the radiator at high speeds. I believe the motors for each system should be near one another.

                                                                                                              Taking it in again Monday to discuss it with them. This has become seriously frustrating. This time of year in western PA a clean windshield is a necessity. I haven't had a chance to look at the wiring situation inside the engine bay. Any thoughts?

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                                                                                                                Well ladies and gents today marks 1 year since I created the group Just a...

                                                                                                                Well ladies and gents, today marks 1 year since I created the group. Just a little history recap... This time a year ago, I didn't have my 2015 truck yet. I went into my local Ford dealer Jan. 14 to order my truck. Picked it up March 7 and brought it home. I was able to get my truck quicker because I ordered it with the 5.0. They told me if I got ecoboost, it would be 14 weeks or more. There was an apparent high demand for both ecoboost engines. Which I was 100% ok with because I love my V8's.

                                                                                                                So let's hear it... Where were you at with your 13th gen this time a year ago?

                                                                                                                If you don't mind, take a moment and rate the group or drop a suggestion. Let us know how your time in the group has been so far.

                                                                                                                Also would like to wish you all a safe and happy New Year 2016! Let's ring in them new and used 13th gen trucks, stock or custom, join the group, and cherish your aluminium truck like the cold beer in the aluminium can in your hand haha!

                                                                                                                Take care guys!

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                                                                                                                  I d like to start a discussion on the topic of fuel mileage with you guys

                                                                                                                  I'd like to start a discussion on the topic of fuel mileage with you guys. I'm not sure about anyone else here, but I've been tracking my mileage since I got my truck in late October. Not counting the first tank of gas, I've filled up my truck 6 times under my ownership. The engineer side of me likes to keep track of my actual calculated mileage and compare these numbers to the numbers displayed by the onboard computers, specifically the gallons used and the MPG figures.

                                                                                                                  So far I've found that the onboard computer lie about MPG, as well as the gals used. Based on my small sample size, I've determined that I'm actually getting 1 MPG LESS than what the computer shows. Funny thing is that the truck says I've used 1.5 gal LESS on average versus the amount I actually put into the truck when I fill up. I'm only filling up until the nozzle clicks, let sit for about 10 sec, then one more pump until it clicks again (about 0.5 gal).

                                                                                                                  I'm wondering if anyone else has been tracking their mileage in this manner. If you have a truck with the 36 gal tank, it seems as if this issue might be correlated to having the larger fuel tank, as I've found counts of those with the standard 23 gal tank being relatively accurate. I'm not sure if it's a error/issue within their algorithms themselves, or just an accuracy limit within the algorithm(s).

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                                                                                                                    Nothing like a Ford Truck

                                                                                                                    Nothing like a Ford Truck

                                                                                                                    New Truck built by a company we didn't bail out...

                                                                                                                    I bought a new Ford F250 Tri-Flex Fuel Truck

                                                                                                                    Go figure it runs on either hydrogen, gasoline, or E85.

                                                                                                                    I returned to the dealer yesterday

                                                                                                                    Because I couldn't get the radio to work.

                                                                                                                    The service technician explained that the radio was voice activated.

                                                                                                                    'Nelson,' the technician said to the radio.

                                                                                                                    The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?

                                                                                                                    'Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again'

                                                                                                                    Came from the speakers.

                                                                                                                    Then he said, 'Ray Charles!', and in an instant

                                                                                                                    ' Georgia On My Mind' replaced Willie Nelson.

                                                                                                                    I drove away happy, and for the next few days,

                                                                                                                    Every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,'

                                                                                                                    I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said,

                                                                                                                    'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs.

                                                                                                                    Yesterday, some guy ran a red light

                                                                                                                    And nearly creamed my new truck ,

                                                                                                                    But I swerved in time to avoid him.

                                                                                                                    I yelled, 'Ass Hole!'

                                                                                                                    Immediately the radio responded with,

                                                                                                                    Ladies and gentlemen,

                                                                                                                    The President of The

                                                                                                                    United States

                                                                                                                    Damn I love this truck!!!

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                                                                                                                      Luke Sorensen shared a link to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                                                                      So this is a 5/8 ton truck? Take a minute to read the article. They claim it does more than 1/2 ton trucks but can't do what 3/4 trucks do. In reality, there is not a huge gap between a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton until you get into a diesel. This isn't really Ford related but Ford is discussed in the article. The question is, will the other automakers (Big 3) make a slightly bigger truck than the 1/2 ton or make the 1/2 tons more capable years down the road? Could you imagine a Ford F-200 or F-150 Super Duty or F-250 Medium Duty? Me personally, i like the sound of F-150 Super Duty. The fender badges would be bad ass lol! It would be another optional package for the F-150 that can work just a little harder but not quite what an F-250 can do.

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                                                                                                                        Derek Ogburn uploaded a file in the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                                                                        Hey guys, wanted to share a pretty useful spreadsheet I made. This spreadsheet will give you the ability to calculate what RPMs and/or speed you will be driving at for a particular wheel and gear combination. It's especially helpful if you need to figure out how much your speedometer may be off after going to a bigger, or smaller, diameter tire, or after changing your gears.

                                                                                                                        I've incorporated the 6R80 into the spreadsheet already, but it also has older transmissions in it just in case you still have an older F-150.

                                                                                                                        Feel free to share it, and don't be afraid to ask me any questions you may have about it.

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                                                                                                                          Jerry Chi shared his video to the group: 13th Gen. Ford F-150.

                                                                                                                          Hello, everyone, this is Sales Promotion Manager Jerry Chi from Bloxsport Co.Ltd. Are there anyone that want to buy our BLOXSPORT factory High-tec quality Safety Guarantee wheel spacer for your Ford F150?

                                                                                                                          Our wheel spacer is made from 6061T6/7075T6 forged aircraft aluminum. Making process: forging, Hard Anodizing. CNC (0.02mm machining preicsion), (Notice: not casting , a lot of seller sell the 6061T6 wheel spacer, but say nothing about the making process,a lot of them make the wheel spacer by casting even though they use the 6061T6. Casting will pose potential threat to everyone’s life. The cost on our forge and anodized wheel spacer is reasonably higher than cast.) Our bolt/stud, lug nut has passed SGS Test, Neutral Salt Spray Test, 1 million times Fatigue Test. Machining Precision: 0.02mm (no wobble). Choosing the good quality wheel spacer is to take the responsibility for your life and your family. Cast bad quality scrap aluminum will lead to the wheel failure and accident when you drive on the highway at high speed. In a word, especially for High BHP and fast running tour racing car like Nissan GTR, BMW M6, Mercedes AMG, etc. , high quality forge aircraft aluminum like ours is necessary . Ours quality wheel spacer can also compete with the wheel spacer from the Germany company like H&R, Hamann, Eibach,etc.

                                                                                                                          If anyone of you want to do the foreign trade business with us and let us be your local supplier to supply whatever type of the wheel spacer you want, please contact me on facebook or you can send inquiry to my email box:, of course, you can also enter into our company website and send inquiry to our company box, our company box is: As a professional wheel spacer manufacturer, We can offer you the best quality wheel spacer with good price. If you want, We can manufacturer for your company and OEM for you. Of course, it depends on our long-term business partnership. If you have interest, we can send u the sample at sample price for test from our stock. We are looking forward to your precious response. Please contact me .

                                                                                                                          Sales Manager from China


                                                                                                                          The video for comparing our forged aluminum 6061T6/7075T6 wheel spacer and casting 6061T6 or casting bad quality wheel spacer


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                                                                                                                            The activity in this group is increasing slightly which is good Now that there...

                                                                                                                            The activity in this group is increasing slightly, which is good. Now that there are a lot more 2015 trucks on the road and soon to be 2016 trucks, we need to make the group even more active. A lot of these new truck owners will need a place to join since I believe this is the only group currently dedicated to the 13th gen F150. I've seen some guys join other f150 groups which completely fine, but we need to make this group known more. If you have a minute, please share this group with your friends and other f150 groups so we can really bump up the activity in this group. But also please respect other group admins while sharing. Please share with everyone and invite anyone who would enjoy a 2015+ f150 group. Thanks guys!

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